Saracione Manufacturing Co.

Machining and Assemblies

Precision Hydraulic Micro-Manipulator. We provided complete prototype machining and assembly services for our customer. This assembly features a neoprene rolling diaphragm piston and precision stainless steel ball slides.

Fishing reel. We provided design support, machining and assembly of the prototype. We provide detail drawings in AutoCad along with Solid models and programing support in MasterCam for our OEM customer.

Biomedical Research (Bio-Chamber). We provided design support, complete machining and assembly services of prototype for our OEM manufacturer customer in Australia. Machining clear acrylic, aluminum and stainless steel components.  

Final assembly of Bio Chamber. We provided complete manufacturing services of initial 25 assemblies for our OEM customers new product start-up support in Australia.

Specialty tooling used in neurological research. We provided complete machining and assembly support to our customer.

Special tooling used in neurological research. We provide design and complete manufacturing support to the research laboratory customer.

Special tooling; 20X magnification centering scope. We provided all machining and assembly for our customer.

Specialty tooling used in neurological research. We provide complete machining and assembly support for our OEM customer in Southern California with ongoing contract manufacturing support.

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Saracione Manufacturing Company offers full product development services including CNC Milling and CNC Turning services to complete assembly of OEM products. We can also provide CAD/CAM services via Autodesk Inventor and MasterCam Software platforms. We provide prototype, design and production services to help you develop and kick-start production of new products.

For rapid prototyping and producing the best cosmetic finishes possible we do our own in house Type II Anodizing. This ensures the best finish and reduces long lead times incurred from relying on outside services.

We have served several industries such as sporting goods, scientific instruments, medical research and mining.

Below are just a few products we have helped develop and produce in both R&D and production services.