Saracione Manufacturing Co.

Production and Prototype Precision Machining Services

Saracione Manufacturing Co. - 37394 Ruben Lane, Sandy, Oregon 97055 USA  

Telephone: 503-668-7734 - Fax: 503-668-7013 - email:

Saracione Manufacturing Company is a small precision machine shop located in Sandy, Oregon. We offer precision machining operations on materials such as plastics, aluminum, brass, bronze, steels and all stainless steels and titanium. We offer prototype, production and long term contract manufacturing. We provide Precision CNC 2-Axis Lathe Turning, Full C-Axis Mill/Turning with Y-Axis and Sub-Spindle technology. We also offer 2-3 and 4-Axis Vertical Milling.

Along with our machining services we also offer in house anodizing and assembly, and design and engineering support for OEM manufacturers.

Equipment List

(1) Haas VF2 with 4th Axis, (1) Haas VF4 with 4th Axis, (1) Takisawa TC10 , (1) Doosan Puma 2000SY Mill/Turn,

(1) Hardinge HLV-H Toolroom Lathe, (1) Hardinge DSM59 Turret Lathe, (1) Bridgeport Series One Mill, Various Support Machines

(1) Starrett Optical Comparator, (1) Starrett Gage Block Set, (1) Starrett Crystal Pink Surface Plate(1) Mitutoyo Height Gage, Vermont and Deltronics Gage Pins, Numerous Micrometers and Dial Calipers.


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