Indexer Models

Our A100 series +1Axis Indexers are precision machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy and clear anodized for corrosion resistance. We have adapted a simple Pin Indexing system (15-degree indexing) and a more complex Vernier or "Dividing Head" type indexing system (1-degree indexing) for adapting a dovetail vise or other part holding fixtures to a tombstone or tooling block for operation on a 4-axis CNC rotary turntable and with a tombstone on 5-axis CNC Trunnion type machines. Our A100 series is our first and smallest indexers that we are offering. Designed for small part machining and are designed to fit on common 4.50 inch square tooling blocks and tombstones. This new tool allows you to rotate the vise and part manually to access otherwise inaccessible surfaces to machine complex geometry on a production basis. Now you can machine perpendicular to 5-sides of a cubed shaped part and more, and without removing the part from the vise.

While designing the A100 indexing system into as small of a package as possible, retaining a strong and robust fixture we found that we would also need to develop a small Dovetail Vise system to go along with the indexers to optimize their small size and optimize their part holding potential and performance. You can see new, matching Dovetail Vises on our website at DOVETAIL VISES