Dovetail Vises

 Our Dovetail Vises are designed to work in conjunction with our A100 series indexers. Vises are precision machined from 7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy and feature a Tongue & Groove guided dovetail clamping jaw. We use a .125 deep; 60 degree dovetail for holding raw material. We include a customized 8-32 Socket Head Cap Screw with a .250 precision head diameter for locating the work material in place. Each vise includes a .500 diameter central locating boss and a .250 diameter diamond pin for precise mounting on to the +1Axis Indexer top plates. We offer two sizes of dovetails; a .750" wide and 1.500" wide dovetail models. They are also available in two different overal heights; 1.00" and 1.500" tall. Our +1Axis Indexers all include the required mounting hole configurations to accept both of our Dovetail Vises; the .750" and the 1.500" vises. These vises are all great for mounting on mini pallets for production machining also, not limited to use on top of our indexers.